Understanding Windows Web Security

Understanding Windows Web Security

With hundreds of thousands of viruses and trojans just waiting to infect your computer when given the right opportunity, do you really have any reason not to have some form of Windows Web Security?

The Internet is a technological marvel that allows Cyber security companies  unprecedented levels of communication, but many unscrupulous individuals use the technology to wreak havoc among Internet users by creating viruses and other malware. Protecting yourself against these threats should be your main priority, especially if you use your computer to conduct business online.

Many people do not understand the various types of malware and how they can negatively impact your PC performance, or even expose private data that has no business in the hands of others. Better understanding how these malware programs work will provide you with insight into the protection you need for your computer.

Two of the most common types of malware that affect computers today are viruses and trojans. Viruses are the most lethal to any computer since they can attach themselves to any executable file on your computer, replicate, and essentially destroy your system before you know what has happened. Preventing this type of replication and destruction should be your main priority, which is why an anti-virus is necessary.

Trojans are aptly named since they provide a back door into your computer’s network that allows the hacker that spread the trojan the ability to access any personal information on your computer. While trojans do not operate the same as a virus in that they do not destroy your computer, they are just as bad since they provide a back door to personal information. This can be devastating if you have ever used your credit card or bank account online, since the hacker can gain access to that information.

Aside from viruses and trojans that can destroy your computer and leave paths for hackers to collect your personal information, you must also worry about spyware and adware installing themselves on your computer. These are less of a threat than viruses and trojans, but they can directly affect the performance of your computer, bogging it down and eating up precious processing time, causing your computer to respond very sluggishly. To top it off, these sorts of programs usually have some sort of feature that phones home, reporting your browser history and other private details you may not want revealed.

With so many threats to computers in the wild, you can see the benefit of having a secure anti-virus and spyware solution that will protect you when you need it most. When considering a solution for protection, you need to make sure your suite will protect against viruses, trojans, spyware, and adware, otherwise you are paying for a solution that does not have you 100% covered. In addition, an anti-virus suite that auto-updates with the latest virus definitions should be your top priority, so you know you are protected from the latest threats.

Windows web security can be difficult to understand with so many different threats out there, but with the proper anti-virus software installed on each computer in your home, it is something you should not have to worry about, as long as you keep the program up to date.

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