Your VPN Doctor for Virtual Private Network Troubleshooting VPN Guide

Activity: If you get this mistake and cant interface because of an ICMP divert endeavor, shut down some other applications you are utilizing which might be causing the ICMP divert endeavor. In the event that it is the ISP that is doing it, you should impede the ICMP divert You can recognize that ICMP divert has happened, by seeing a message saying there has been an IP address steering table change.

Q7 Error Message: Receiving Banner Text Information

Cause: Message implies you are encountering a Banner Sock issue, and will see a window showing the “Getting Banner Text” message and afterward gets separated.


1. Impair the firewall totally to test. This is a port 500 issue and frequently implies that the you have an individual Firewall that is hindering port 500 or you have a switch that doesn’t uphold IPSEC go through, and the you are interfacing with a VPN switch that doesn’t have NAT Traversal empowered.

2. In the case of utilizing remote, briefly eliminate Wireless from the image and spotlight on the Ethernet card. Check the Ethernet card speed and duplex boundaries and afterward ensure that the center point, switch, or switch that is on the opposite end has similar boundaries. If not, the VPN association will drop as the connection goes all over, or because of countless blunders on the port from a duplex as well as speed crisscross.

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