AllXClub Review – Can Adult Network Marketing Be Taken Seriously?

AllXClub Review – Can Adult Network Marketing Be Taken Seriously?

You’ve answered phone calls from sales reps, attended meetings hosted by pushy friends and relatives, fended off requests for a “few minutes of your precious time” and attempted to avoid tempting opportunities to work as a distributor of health products, educational materials, consumer goods and what not! But these are regular MLM opportunities that everyone’s already heard of. The AllXClub Income opportunity is something entirely new; completely different from other MLMs and very challenging. Read on to see what AllXClub is about and what opportunities and challenges it poses to members.

o AllXClub – An Introduction AllXClub is an innovation 成人用品 founded by leaders from the direct selling industry and adult industry. This is an internet based concept that offers a variety of Adult Entertainment content to customers. This has an network marketing program where you could earn money by enrolling people. Started in April 2008, this program has caught up at an amazing speed and has found a lot of takers. The Adult entertainment industry has a huge demand; at least 40% of internet users have been found to view adult websites on a monthly basis.

AllXClub members need to pay a membership fee of $39.95 per month to get adult videos on demand, DVDs, access to dating service, chat and discounts on lingerie and other adult products. The income opportunity is interesting wherein you’ll need to enrol a minimum of three people to enjoy residual income for up to nine levels.

o AllXClub – Factors In Favor


  1. Adult entertainment is a hundred billion dollar industry.
  2. You work entirely through the internet; you could keep your identity anonymous.
  3. The compensation scheme is attractive as well as fair.
  4. This work could be done from the convenience of your home; yet it doesn’t involve the hassles of cold calling or hosting meetings and convincing potential customers to subscribe. You wouldn’t be handling any inventory.
  5. This is a very new market. You wouldn’t be a newcomer in a well established field.


o Challenges You May Face As a Member of AllXClub?


  1. The obvious discomfort of having to deal with adult content. You may find it difficult to market your business among people you know.
  2. There’s a high level of competition in this business. You have to be aware of many marketing tricks in order to stay ahead in the race.
  3. The real challenge lies in marketing your business. This has to be done entirely online; yet your product promotion should be done carefully to avoid getting rejected by keyword sensitive website. Because of the adult nature of the business, your mails could be treated as spam.


o Should You Consider Taking Up This Opportunity? Whether you’re interested in the product or not, the income opportunity provided by AllXClub seems legitimate and attractive. This is an opportunity you should definitely consider, provided you adopt the right marketing tactics. Being a sensitive field, you have to make sure your business promotion overcomes the barriers of getting rejected. Just a few online marketing tricks should set your profits soaring in your AllXClub business.

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